an overall framework of quality for adult education in Austria

Ö-Cert (AT-Cert)

To address the diversity of adult learning and the regional variety of quality labels in the nine provinces in Austria the Federal Ministry signed a contract of cooperation with the provinces to create Ö-Cert in 2011.

The aims of Ö-Cert are: transparency for customers/learners and public authorities, simplified administration and quality improvement for adult education.

To be granted Ö-Cert providers must fulfil certain requirements:

  • run their institution in accordance with the basic requirements of Ö-Cert, ensuring that provider´s main field of activity is adult education
  • employ at least one qualified educational manager responsible for programme management/organisation of courses
  • already maintain one of the quality management systems or quality assurance listed in the Ö-Cert-List.

The Ö-Cert-List includes a range of different quality management systems or quality assurance procedures. All of them have in common that they require a mandatory external audit and are valid for a limited period.